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        President and Chairman  President and Chairman: Min C. Park

      The most important thing for FDSAVER.COM is sincerity.   I am always grateful to receive the opinions of our customers and employees. My  offer of help is sincere.
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        Main Business Main Business of FDSAVER.COM
     FDSAVER.COM operates world-wide networks. We establish the connection between buyers and sellers.  One of our main business areas is that we help the negotiation's process.     We suggest the best price for buyers and sellers. Therefore, both sides can save considerable time and money. FDSAVER.COM will appreciatively take your advice and concerns. Please feel free to reach us at:    

        fdsaver.com supports your business.  The Commission Fee

     Most of the case, our commission fee is less than the money we have saved through the negotiation's process. We usually save 2% of the total price. Then our commission fee is the half of the saved money. However, we receive the commission only if both buyers and sellers succeed to reach the agreement. It stands to reason that we try our best to satisfy both sides.
If you have further inquiries about our commission fee, please reach us at:                             Email: 

        The Recruitment Policy   The Recruitment Policy of FDSAVER.COM   

       Our Company is trying hard to recruit talented experts as many as possible. We  believe that the best people make the best company. Therefore, we provide applicants with a wide range of work opportunities.  The positions are open to everybody. If you would like to join FDSAVER.COM, please send us your CV to the Human Resources Office:  

        FDSAVER.COM -Sincere & Truthful  The Motto of FDSAVER.COM

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